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Hay and Straw and Fodder

We produce conventional bales of Hay,Barley and Wheat straw for a diverse range of uses including animal feed and bedding ,filtration purposes and event seating ,we are happy to supply the customers demand whether it be one bale for a pet rabbit or thousands for a large scale unit .

We also offer a diverse range of outgrade produce from our class one products which are used as a cost effective option for feeding animals and stock,these include potatoes,carrots,washed pony carrots,beetroot and fodder beet .These are packed to meet the customers requirements ranging from 10kg nets ,25kg sacks o.5 ton totes,1 ton totes or bulker loads .

Wheat and Barley grain also available packed once agin in a range of options 25kg sacks 0.5 ton totes,1 ton totes and bulker loads.

Farm Mannequins and Hay Bale

 Hay and Straw

We produce over 10,000 conventional bales of the best quality barley straw and Hay each season which is barn stored straight off the field and sold throughout the rest of the year ,we will cater for any order large or small.

High-Quality Produce

Nutritious Animal Feed

Stockfeed Potatoes and Carrots are avalible in season washed or unwashed we can supply bulk or in tote bags or 25kg bags .

Barley grain is avalible all year round and again can be loaded out onto bulker lorries or put into tote bags or 25kg bags for the smaller orders .

Fresh Grain and Barley

 Delight in fresh feed, such as grain and barley, that is grown on our natural farm. Available at any time of the year, this may be provided in bulk. We pack your produce up, which may be obtained in any size. In addition, we supply washed carrots for horse feed, as well as any outgrade potatoes.

Collecting Your Order

 Happy to help you at any time of the day or night, our friendly farmers are keen to hear from all clients. Simply contact us via telephone or email, or drop by our farm to speak to us. As with our vegetables, our produce is available for collection. However, we may be able to deliver to local clients.

Smooth Transactions

 For your convenience, we make certain that our service is both affordable and easy to use. Our helpful staff are able to set up account systems for companies that place regular orders. As we believe in the importance or returning loyalty, we offer discounts for multiple orders and those who buy in bulk sizes.

Contact us, in Risley, Warrington, to discover more about our high-quality horse hay, straw, and equestrian supplies.